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African American hair care has gotten a serious boost thanks to the Internet. In a Caucasian-centric society, pre-World Wide Web, African American women were often left to rely on family circles and word of mouth for tips on maintaining their hair. Care and handling of African American hair differs vastly from that of Caucasian hair – a fact that was largely ignored for many years in the hair care industry.
Since that time, relaxer knowledge and product availability have made achieving and caring for relaxed hair far easier than when grandmother dealt with it. However, there are still cautions you should follow, as with any permanent chemical process, that will go a long way towards maintaining your hair’s vitality.
The structure and chemical make-up of highly textured hair is unique, resulting in special conditioning and styling needs. In particular, highly textured hair has fewer cuticle layers, making it somewhat less dense than other hair types. If not properly cared for, it will be prone to dryness and breakage. Add regular styling, relaxers, colors or other chemical processes and it quickly becomes damaged, unmanageable, and lose its natural shine.



If you would like to wear weave to add length to your hair or to add thickness on a more permanent basis until your own hair is where you would like it to be, I would suggest that you use a technique called braid weaving.

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Braid Weaving is a permanent technique which lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 months, where you cornrow the hair first and then sew the pieces of wefted hair to the client’s own hair. This technique is not damaging to the hair. The Malaysian Hair Weaving method is for those who want flat, smooth hair extensions but don’t want to deal with ridges or scalp damage.