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Three reasons to choose Friends Beauty Academy



We teach each student the basics of ​Cosmetology such as:  cutting, relaxing, perms, coloring, shampooing, conditioning, curling, reconstructioning, and weaving. But we don't stop there. With our one-on-one interaction and skill driven structure we give you the advantage needed to suceed in this industry.



As an Esthetician you will learn a variety of services. Including: facials, microdermabrasion, waxing, makeup application and aromatherapy. Friends Beauty Academy will set you on a path beyond the skill to a wider vision of sight. Leaving you seeing every person as a blank canvas. A master piece waiting to happen.



Nails are the perfect accessory for an outfit. But when they go wrong, they can mess up everything else. Friends Beauty Academy will show you how to heal, reform and strengthen your clients nails while beautufing them at the same time. Giving your clients a head start when getting ready for the day.



Dear Student: Welcome to Friends the Beauty Academy. We thank you for selecting Friends the Beauty Academy to obtain your training in the beauty field of your choice. You are entering a learning experience that will give you the opportunity to be successful in the beauty industry.

Friends the Beauty Academy is a private educational institution and is approved to operate by the PA State Board of Cosmetology.

At Friends the Beauty Academy, it is our goal to offer you the basic training to improve your opportunities to take and pass the licensure examination required by the PA State Board of Cosmetology.

We emphasize the importance and teach you how to be successful in the marketplace, and how to gain experience from each of the operations that you will perform during your training. The operations are an element necessary for you to take the required state license examination. The state license is required in order to obtain employment as a cosmetologist, cosmetician, a manicurist or an instructor. Your training will take place within an environment similar to that of your prospective employers. This means that your will be expected to be punctual, respectful toward your instructor’s, your fellow students and your patrons. It also means hard work, dedication, and lots of practical work on your part. Your training will consist of theory classes, applications of subject matters studied in the theory classes, salon management, business concepts, and the elements of personal success.

The training you will receive will allow you to obtain an entry-level position in the beauty industry. The real experience and the advancements in this industry will depend on your own efforts once you work in the beauty field.

It is a pleasure to have you join us at Friends the Beauty Academy. The degree of your success will depend on the effort you are willing to apply during the entire course of your training.

Again, welcome to Friends the Beauty Academy. The entire staff wishes you a successful career in the beauty business world.


Rhon Friend President/Director Friends the Beauty Academy

About Us

We specialize in an atmosphere where love and friendship permeates the spirit. A place where you know you're royalty the moment you dawn the door. Our professional stylists specialize in dreadlocks andnatural hair styling as well as permanently relaxed hair. We are well-versed in creating natural looking hair weaves, precision cuts, hair coloring that is true to watch, and of course we offer the world-renowned temple massage. Put your feet up and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as we pamper you. At Friends, we specialize in friendship.


Clients have a wide range of services in one setting with extended business hours.\


The salon is easily accessible in the heart of Downtown Renaissance York.

Friends the Beauty Academy is dedicated to consistently generating top noch stylist in the industry. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative class environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work, thus creating Master Stylists. Friends the Beauty Academy will equip stylist to become Master Stylist. To then go on to create jobs for other cosmetologist. We teach them the skill to make people beautiful while embeding in them the managerial knowledge to give them the edge. We focus on educating prospective stylists in the proper techniques and skills necessary to become licensed cosmetologists. ​In a short time,